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Why do candidates prefer Robots.Jobs? We are a 100% dedicated job board for robotics, AI, and machine learning. We eliminate the clutter and connect with candidates genuinely passionate about working with cutting-edge technology.


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The perfect option for occasional hiring needs – 1 job post, active for 30 days.

This job posting can be utilized whenever you choose, with no time restrictions.

3 Jobs Package


This package offers 3 job postings, each active for 30 days.

The job postings can be utilized whenever you choose, with no time restrictions.

5 Jobs Package


This package offers 5 job postings, each valid for 30 days.

The job postings can be utilized whenever you choose, with no time restrictions.

In addition, you’ll benefit from:

  • 1 job-boost (as a featured job)
  • 1 social media post showcasing your company
  • 1 spotlight on a job in our newsletter

** We do offer recruiting services – reach out if you need specific help **

What is a Featured Company?

Our Featured Companies believe in “People Power Robots.” Together, we form a robust community promoting diversity and opportunity in the robotics, AI, and machine learning ecosystem. Stemming from various specialties and disciplines, our Featured Companies redefine what it means to work in the robotics industry.

Why Become a Featured Company?

Key Benefits:

  • Premium Placement: All featured jobs are prominently displayed on the initial page of Robots.Jobs, guaranteeing maximum exposure and faster responses from prospective candidates.
  • Unlimited Postings: Enjoy the freedom to post as many jobs as needed.
  • Social Media Outreach: Benefit from our social media promotions to amplify your job listings.
  • Company Spotlight: Receive a 30-second culture video, giving potential candidates a glimpse into your organization.
  • Customized Engagement: Boost candidate interaction with a tailor-made landing page.

Leverage these advantages for enhanced visibility and distinctive promotional opportunities.

Why Choose Us

Targeted Recruitment Approach

Generic job boards can be distracting. At Robots.Jobs, we solely present roles in robotics, AI, and Machine Learning, drawing in the industry’s top talents and ensuring you connect with the most suitable candidates.

Dedicated & Enthusiastic

Every exceptional team thrives on passion, and that’s why our pool of candidates is brimming with diverse, innovative, tech-enthusiasts just like you. After all, People Power Robots!

Precise & Personalized

In contrast to the generic and detached nature of many job boards, our focus is laser-sharp. We cut through the noise with our specialized approach in the realms of robotics, AI, and connected devices. Recognizing that people are a team’s most valuable asset, our aim is to support you in making astute hiring decisions. Because hiring smart is a game-changer.

Hiring Near or Far

Whether you’re recruiting locally or looking for remote talent, on-site or from different parts of the country, we’re here to connect you with candidates. And stay tuned – international hiring is on the horizon!

Industry-Insiders at Your Service

Our team is a unique blend of seasoned recruiters, dedicated HR professionals, and specialists in Robotics, AI and machine learning. We’ve personally navigated the limitations and inefficiencies of traditional job boards. In essence, we’ve walked in your shoes and grasped your hurdles. Our mission? To transform your hiring experience and ease your recruitment challenges.

Recruiting Challenged?

Connect with us to explore our tailored solutions and see how we can streamline your recruitment process.


Shout out to robots.jobs for helping me find my dream job! 🤖 Thanks a bunch! 👍

– Dalton. M, Candidate

I secured my software engineering position through Robots.Jobs. It was an easy process. Thank you!

-Dennis M., Candidate

Robots.Jobs - you made a job search easy. Thank you!

Margaret R., Candidate

Thanks to Robots.Jobs, I landed two job opportunities that eventually led me to my current position as an engineer!

Mia H., Candidate

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