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Why Robots.Jobs?

The innovations emerging from the robotics industry inspire us deeply.

We know these advancements will reshape how future generations live, work, and thrive.

By offering a platform that connects top talent with top-tier teams, we’re contributing to a future where robotics and related technologies drive positive change, innovation knows no bounds, and lives are transformed for the better.

Simply put, we’re linking business and job seekers in the robotics and AI realm.

Hello, Meet the Team!

Together, we make Robots.Jobs, but here’s who we are as individuals.

Ann P. Walsh, SPHR

Ann P. Walsh, SPHR

Co-Founder and CEO


Ann Walsh, SPHR, began her professional career as a recruiter, where she matched the right talent to the perfect role, understanding the nuances of personalities, skills, and organizational needs. Today, she’s recognized as a seasoned HR executive and her core mission remains the same: she’s genuinely “passionate about people.” With her nurturing touch, Ann has been the force behind many companies cultures where everyone feels like they truly belong.

A life-long learner, Ann has received certificates in leadership, management, conflict resolution, and negotiation from the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School, design thinking from MIT, and diversity and inclusion at Cornell University’s ILR School. She is a certified Senior Human Resources Professional (SPHR) and has a BS in Finance from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell.

Joyce Sidopoulos

Joyce Sidopoulos

Co-Founder and Advisor

Joyce Sidopoulos is the Co-Founder and Vice President for Programs and Community at MassRobotics, where she develops high-impact programs for the robotics ecosystem, highlighting startups technology, matching startups with potential funders and customers, engaging with tech sectors who benefit from robotics adoption, connecting students and talent to potential employers and working with academia to commercialize research.  

She holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University.  Previous positions include Chief Engineer for Acoustic Performance System, Systems & Test Engineer, Sonar Systems Analyst/Engineer for the Naval Underwater Systems Center, and Business Development Director for General Dynamics.

Danielle Nakatsuji

Danielle Nakatsuji

Head of Operations

Danielle (Dani) Nakatsuji is a client-focused talent acquisition leader with over 13 years of experience managing recruitment processes. She specializes in high-growth technology companies and has worked with clients including Databricks, Zoom, and Openly. She has led various initiatives, including forming the engineering arm at Concero Search. Danielle is skilled in proactive recruiting, building stakeholder relationships, and streamlining processes. She is passionate about helping others and actively volunteers for Upwardly Global and TechYeet. 

Danielle earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

Samantha Schutte

Samantha Schutte

Social Media Marketing Manager

Samantha (Sam) Schutte is the Social Media Marketing Manager for Robots.Jobs. She is passionate about creating brand awareness around robotics and artificial intelligence. Sam identifies innovative trends, technologies, and growth strategies for communications and social media.

Sam has a Bachelor of Science from Clemson University and is an avid dog lover. 


McKenna Towers

McKenna Towers

Marketing Communications Manager

McKenna Towers is the Marketing Communications Manager for Robots.Jobs. She is passionate about robotics and artificial intelligence. McKenna’s motto is “Make every word count.”

McKenna has a Bachelor’s Degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Clarkson University and an MBA in International Business from IÉSEG School of Management.


Dr. Heather Ames

Dr. Heather Ames


Heather contributes diverse executive skills ranging from overseeing multi-million dollar applied research initiatives, strategic planning, product management, and leading translation of research into commercial products. Heather has spoken at TechCrunch, Forrester, The Robotics Summit and more.

She was honored as a finalist in EY’s prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year award, at Google’s headquarters as being one of the Top 10 Women in Cloud emerging technology, and recently inducted to Bettendorf High School Hall of Honor. Heather has served as the Executive Director of the NSF-sponsored CELEST Science of Learning Center at Boston University. She holds a PhD in Cognitive and Neural Systems, Boston University and a BS in Cognitive Neuroscience, University of California at Berkeley. 

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