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The Robot Report covers the full range of innovations in the commercial robotics industry, as well as the latest research and breakthroughs coming from universities and research institutions.

The site also tracks enabling technologies such as sensors and imaging systems, actuators and motors, grippers and manipulators, and development tools. We follow artificial intelligence and machine learning as they are relevant to robotic cognition, actuation, mobility, navigation, and human-machine interaction.

In addition, our team analyzes developments in industrial and collaborative robots, mobile platforms, drones, autonomous vehicles, and service robots across multiple markets, including manufacturing, supply chain, and healthcare.



MassTLC established the Massachusetts Robotics Cluster in 2004 to bring together companies, institutions, and individuals engaged in robotics research, education, product design, and commercialization. During these cluster meetings, industry leaders discussed breakthrough ideas—one of which was developing an innovation hub and co-working space focused on robotics. Cluster members worked together to develop a business plan and organization that would accelerate and escalate robotics technology and adoption. In 2015, those ideas came to fruition, and MassRobotics was formed as a non-profit with a mission to support the growing robotics ecosystem.

Founders include: Tye Brady | Steve Paschall | Fady Saad | Joyce Sidopoulos | Daniel Theobald.


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