Grabbing something and getting it where it needs to go. Sounds like a simple job, right? Not quite. Right now, manufacturers and logistics firms spend 60 to 80 percent of their time on this very task: material handling. It’s expensive, labor intensive, and in many cases, impossible to automate. At least it used to be –– until Grabit™ harnessed the power of electroadhesion.

Electro-what? We channel the same static cling that makes a balloon stick to your hair and use it to automate the handling of virtually any material. Electroadhesion has the finesse to handle something as fragile as an egg, as flimsy as soft fabric and as unwieldy as a 50 lb. box. This unprecedented flexibility empowers entirely new possibilities in automation.

Our products are already paying dividends for Fortune 500 companies in industries like footwear, apparel, automotive, aerospace and logistics. And this is only the beginning. Electroadhesion is a revolutionary technology that will unleash the potential of every factory and warehouse on the planet.

Whatever you’ve got, we’ll handle it.

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