Ava Robotics

Leveraging a deep technical heritage from iRobot, Ava Robotics designs and builds autonomous robots that comfortably coexist with humans in workplaces and other large spaces. Ava Robotics transforms what it means to collaborate by combining autonomous mobility with high definition video conferencing. Ava Robotics’ engineers are developing these products based on what we call “practical teleportation”, enabling workers to easily and safely move around a remote location as if they are physically there.

Ava robots feature autonomous navigation capabilities which allow remote users to simply specify a destination and the Ava will automatically navigate its way to the desired location. There is no need for the remote user to understand the layout of the site where the robot resides or manually drive the robot to its destination. Through advanced mapping technologies, Ava learns the environment in which it operates to create a realistic map of each location. Built-in collision avoidance allows Ava to safely navigate around people and objects without bumping into them.



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