(ARM) Advanced Robotics For Manufacturing

ARM is a national, public-private partnership which accelerates research, development and demonstration in the application of collaborative robotic technologies in the manufacturing environment. Based in Pittsburgh, ARM was founded by Carnegie Mellon University and membership includes partners from industry, academia, local governments, and nonprofits across the country.

The goal of ARM is to increase U.S. competitiveness in robotics applied primarily in manufacturing environments. ARM seeks to empower American workers to compete with low-wage workers abroad; create and sustain new jobs to secure U.S. national prosperity; lower the technical, operational, and economic barriers for small- and medium- sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as large companies to adopt robotics technologies; and assert U.S. leadership in advanced manufacturing. The vision of this institute includes robots working collaboratively with humans on the assembly line and in material handling, growing productivity and precision while freeing humans from low value add activities.

US-based manufacturing is due for a renaissance. One that uses technology to empower American potential and ingenuity to build and create stronger, faster, and more powerful than before. One that elevates—not eliminates—the human roles in manufacturing.

The key to all this? Robotics.

That’s why ARM exists. To be the leading catalyst of robotics innovation and expertise. To accelerate growth in US-based manufacturing and the high value careers that go arm in arm with this renaissance. To lead the future of American manufacturing.

As a national membership-based consortium, ARM is dedicated to creating the ecosystem that will drive innovation in robotics. Our staff and resources are focused on spurring innovations in not just robotics technology, but also workforce development, ensuring the future is built by robots, but directed by humans. ARM and its members seek to lower economic, technical, and operational barriers, allowing enterprises of all sizes to adopt robotic technologies.

ARM is a member of Manufacturing USA, a network of regional institutes, each with a specialized technology focus. The institutes share one goal: to secure the future of manufacturing in the U.S. through innovation, collaboration and education.

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