Arbe is redefining road safety while paving the way for the autonomous vehicle revolution.

The technological transformation the automotive industry is poised to undergo will not occur until drivers, passengers and pedestrians feel safer in a world dominated by the autonomous vehicle over the human driver.

At the forefront of environmental sensing technology, Arbe’s 4D imaging radar provides unprecedented levels of driving assistance, navigation path planning and collision avoidance support.

With Arbe, threats are differentiated from false alarms in real-time, no matter their speed, elevation, proximity, size or surrounding weather conditions. Even when partially concealed by other vehicles or stationary objects, entities of all sizes – including bikes, pedestrians and motorcycles – are identified, classified and tracked. Direction, speed and velocity are calculated and continuously re-assessed, delivering drivers and all levels of autonomous vehicles unceasing situational awareness in high definition.

Recognized by Frost & Sullivan with the 2018 Global Technology Innovation Award, Arbe technology promises, “a significant step toward mainstreaming fully autonomous vehicles” and a safer road ahead for drivers, passengers and pedestrians on the busiest highways or densest urban streets.

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