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Amazing robots can only come from the most talented people working together, with the right tools and resources, having fun, and aiming high. This is our goal: build a great company with a focused vision of mobility in the real world, comprised of the world’s best roboticists, with a culture of ambition and excellence paired with a healthy work-life balance. This is the place to show what you can do, and love doing it.


Agility Robotics focuses on legged mobility as a dynamical phenomenon; in other words, legged mobility at its core is more about dynamics and physics than it is about perception and online decision-making. Our mechanical and controls teams work closely together, approaching the passive dynamics and control software as a single integrated dynamical system.

While we focus on mobility, arms are a piece of the puzzle for inertial actuation and getting up from a fall, and will be necessary as mobile manipulators to navigate our world. And although a dynamics foundation underlies everything we do, perception and higher-level decision-making will enable stairs, clutter, uneven outdoor environments, and other footstep planning tasks. Our team is growing from a dynamics and mechanical design foundation, and we are building the technical diversity to cover these broad areas.


Agility Robotics is playing a long game - not a 3-year startup flip. We are here to have an impact; to provide robots for logistics and package delivery, and change the face of our economy; to provide robots for in-home use, changing how we live; to provide robots for dangerous situations, to keep humans out of harm’s way; and, in general, to make a positive difference in the world and improve the quality of life for us all.

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